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How long do they take to break in?
It depends! From our experience, Savanna's will form to your feet after 3 to 5 wears.

What are Savanna's made of?
The tread is 0.47 inches in height, 0.7 cm is made of 100% Recycled Tires, while 0.5 cm is a Proprietary Air8ted Rubber Blend from our eco-friendly manufacturer. The straps are PVC, and while they are not currently made from recycled material, our hope is to sell enough sandals this summer to develop a recycled strap for future editions.

Why are all the soles black?
Most flip-flops are made from raw rubber, which is white and offers a clean canvas for color to be added. While tires are also made from rubber, they are chemically modified with a material called Carbon black which gives them their strength and durability, but also prevents them from degrading over time. When Carbon black is added, it makes tires (you guessed it) black. And this prevents us from adding any color to the tread of our sandals. But don't worry - we're going to get creative.

Where does the name Savanna Sandals come from? 
The tropical grasslands of the African Savanna! This may be a different kind of tropical, but it sure beats winter. Unless you live in Denver like we do, where fresh powder at Vail is "like nothing on Earth," but we digress.

Where are the sandals made?
At an environmentally conscious manufacturing facility in South Africa. We wanted to clean-up waste and pollution in Africa, and we definitely wanted to manufacture our sandals in close proximity to this waste in an effort to keep our carbon footprint under control. With those priorities in mind, we set out to find a manufacturer who valued sustainable practices as much as we do, and who was willing to try something new: turn tires into sandals (and whatever else we come up with)!

How are you giving back?
It began with the plan to donate sandals to orphanages in Africa, so every child could have access to shoes. But then we started thinking... what if they are so used to walking with bare feet, then we give them sandals and they wear out. Something told us we wouldn't be getting a phone call from these kiddos to let us know, and something about that didn't sit right. In the meantime, we pledge to donate a portion of our profits from sandal sales directly to the orphanages.

How long will they last?
Because we have created an entirely new product, you will be among the first thousand people to wear them! So while we can't yet put a firm mileage estimate on them, we are committed to producing high-quality, durable products.

Have a question that isn't listed?
Please reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

Are they recyclable?
No, because they contain recycled tires which contain carbon black and thus will not degrade in a landfill. You can send them back to us for proper disposal!

Tread: 0.47 inches in height
0.7 cm 100% Recycled Tire Tread
0.5 cm Proprietary Air8ted Rubber Blend Upper
Straps: PVC, Savanna Logo 2D Rubber Decal