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May 14, 2020

If you’re like us, social isolation has been taking a serious toll on our wanderlust way of being. So we thought we’d bring the green destinations to you with these six eco-friendly decor ideas that’ll transport you to your favorite nature-filled destinations and back again. So throw on your favorite pair of summer sandals (Savanna’s of course!) and get started on your next green home improvement project! 

Besides bringing the physical color green into your space and making it feel like a tropical paradise, houseplants are great for the earth. They take in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen, purifying the air in the process. To maximize your space, mix-and-match between larger plants in planters and small hanging ones. Afraid of killing off your new house guests? Take baby steps by starting with low-maintenance succulents before jumping straight into ferns.

Natural Accents
Use natural, household items to accent spaces in your home. Want to feel like you’re on the beach in Hawaii? Use a fresh pineapple to add a tropical feel to your kitchen table. Then when you’re craving something sweet, cut it open and enjoy! Likewise, a wine bottle with dried flowers can add a rustic feel to your home.

Swap Your Candles for Diffusers
Part of creating an atmosphere in your home is the way it smells. As great as some candles smell, they can leave a heavy smoky haze in the air. Instead, opt for a diffuser with fresh and natural essential oils. We love a mix of eucalyptus and lavender — it smells just like the spa!

Avoid Carpet
While carpet has its benefits, like absorbing sound, it also has its own set of environmental implications. Carpets contribute to poor indoor air quality and are generally very difficult to dispose of. Instead of installing carpet in your home, go for a more natural material like wood or stone and use a rug made with natural fibers to accent the room.

Buy Durable Products Made to Last
You love your Savanna’s because they’re crafted from durable materials, so offer your home the same courtesy. Instead of purchasing cheaper, trendy products opt for ones that are built to last. The investment might be higher initially, but you’ll save money over time! 

Don’t Buy New
Give old furniture a new life instead of purchasing new ones. Sofas or chairs can get a fresh, upcycled look with a simple reupholstering job while dressers and other wood pieces can be refinished. By reusing instead of buying new pieces you’ll help reduce unnecessary waste, plus you’ll probably save a few bucks in the process! 

While social isolation is certainly challenging, it gives us a chance to jump into home projects we may have been putting off for a while. We hope we helped give you some ideas on ways you can update your home while putting the earth first!

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